Web 3.0-A Complete Guide: The Future Of The Internet

Web 3.0

The Internet world is evolving each day. Modern techs are taking over the current processes. In the past decade, we have seen the arrival of many techs. One of those inventions is the web world. The web world is going through various inventions and changes like Web 3.0. These inventions are changing the concept of the internet for people of different age groups. The internet is a source of interaction for some of them, while others do business via this medium. 

Web 3.0 Introduction

Before we discuss the hot topic, Web 3.0, we must revert to the basics.

Web 1.0

Long before we had Google Almighty in our lives, the internet was nothing more than reading a book. The basic version of the internet is web 1.0. You could only read a page in this web world without leaving a comment. 

It was more like you were reading a page. Websites on web 1.0 were read-only, which means that you could only search for the info you needed. So, if you are looking to understand Web 1.0 sites better, try to look at an e-commerce site. These E-Commerce sites work in the simplest form on the web world, Web 1.0. 

Web 2.0

After our world changed, we understood the need for two-way communication on the net. This need gave birth to the current form of the web, known as web 2.0. This type is a read-write form of the web where users can make their content and upload it on a site. The recent wave of influencers is due to web 2.0, where celebs can create a brand by posting a single image on the web 2.0. Users interact with images via comments, shares, and reactions. The current form of the internet is web 2.0. But it has restrained as well. The sharing of ideas isn’t standard on all platforms. 

If we want to apply the web 2.0 process, a website will need to have a comment box with sharing buttons. In this way, the site owner and users can interact. 

Web 3.0

We have all heard the term “Web 3.0”. But what does this mean? It is a term that describes the evolution of the web into a more advanced, interactive platform. Web 3.0 is a web that is decentralized and peer-to-peer.

Web 3.0 Details

When you buy something on Amazon, the website’s algorithm looks at the other goods that customers who bought your product and recommended them to you. So, consider what’s going on here. The website is learning your favorite selections from other users and then using that information to make recommendations for you. So, in this way, the website is growing in intelligence and learning.

In a nutshell, web 3.0 is based on this principle. Web 1.0 was primarily driven by content created by a company or organization for its clients. Web 2.0 went one step further by allowing users to post and share their content.

Web 3.0’s 4 Characteristics

Let’s look at the four qualities of Web 3.0 to comprehend its complexities and subtleties better.

Web of Knowledge

Web 3.0 will facilitate more data communication thanks to semantic metadata. As a result, the user experience progresses to a new level of connectivity that takes advantage of all accessible data.


(AI) will enable websites to filter and provide the most relevant information to consumers. In the current web 2.0 era, we have begun to solicit customer feedback better to understand the quality of a product or asset. Consider a site like Rotten Tomatoes, where users may rate and review movies. Films with a higher grade are often regarded as “good movies.”

3D Graphics

Web 3.0 will transform the internet’s future as it evolves from a simple two-dimensional web to a more realistic three-dimensional cyberworld. Web 3.0 websites and services, such as online games, e-commerce, and the real estate market, make considerable use of three-dimensional design.


Ubiquitous refers to the concept of existing or being present in multiple places simultaneously, i.e., omnipresence. This feature is already available in Web 2.0. Consider social media platforms such as Instagram, where users take photos with their phones and then post and distribute them online, where they become their intellectual property. As a result, the image becomes ubiquitous or available everywhere.

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