Content Writing Ideas

Content Writing Ideas to Potentially Increase Website Traffic – Top 5 Ideas

Content Writing Ideas

One of the primary concerns for content writers is to increase traffic to their websites. There are a few content writing ideas that can help in boosting your traffic. We are presenting a few of them here.

Content Writing Ideas – Tips to Get Ideas

The most critical phase in any writer’s career is brainstorming. Sometimes, we get content writing ideas as an instinct, while it can take days and weeks in a few cases. Waiting for a new idea gets so tricky that it affects a writer’s passion. That demoralizing situation can be adverse for the whole company as well. Thus, it is vital to avoid the situation; if a writer gets stuck, people around them can save the writer. However, instead of relying on people around us, we should be able to get ourselves out of a slump. The best solution is to learn a few tips to get new content writing ideas.

Content Writing Ideas – Follow the Trend

The most important part of a content writer’s life is the search for a new topic. There are plenty of sources to find content writing ideas, but Google is on top of the list. The best thing to do is search for Google trends. You can find the top trending topics in your area. You can also repeat this process by changing your location a few times.

Following this method will get a list of trending topics in different locations. Later, filter the list as per your interest and start writing on the topics you get against a filter.

Content Writing Ideas – Business Lessons

Due to all the changes in the digital world, the internet, and our lives, businesses worldwide are booming. Whether a business works remotely or traditionally, they always want to add something to their product.

No matter how modern a business can get, the website is the first need for a company. As we know, a website is left incomplete without words and articles. Every web needs to update content regularly with articles and blogs—people who can relate to a business search for relevant topics on a search engine. Content writers can take advantage of this situation and write about business lessons. In this way, you will not only learn about businesses, their process, and SOPs but will also drive traffic to your website.

Insightful List

The phrase’ insightful list’ may sound technical or strange to a new content writer. However, it is one of the straightforward content writing ideas you can find on the web. People these days in our society need reasoning and logic to perform a task. Whether following a website, buying a product, or improving their hygiene, we are searching for reasons.

An insightful list refers to the articles that feature top reasons. These reasons may be about any topic. It will be helpful if you limit this idea to your niche. This way, you can write extensive data on a topic without wasting time on internet research.

Industry News

When starting a blog, limit your niche to a single topic instead of spreading it to multiple topics. As you get to the point where you don’t have to work to get traffic on your website, you can also start writing about other topics. However, in the beginning, select an industry and start writing.

In this way, you will have a blog specific to an industry. If you run out of ideas, start following top news about your industry. Google Trends, Facebook, and Twitter are the top methods of keeping up with the latest news and updates of an industry. Whenever you get an update, spread it out among your readers as a blog. You will remain in the industry circle and will also get traffic on the blog.

Promotional Content 

This part is a little risky as it can drive your traffic away if you are not doing it wisely. Promotional content is the best method to earn a vast amount without extra effort. However, if you include the promotional content within your article in such a way that it feels natural, it can be helpful.

Also, you can promote yourself in blogs and articles. Start giving away on your services, set up a free consultation, answer the visitors’ questions, and offer a free trial of your content writing service. In this way, your website will get more traffic and credibility. However, following this trail in the early part of your writing career will be only a waste of time. You write about this topic later in your career when you have a reputation and traffic.

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