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Learning the Web World (Digital Marketing 7 Chapter Study – Chapter 1)

web world

Over the years, humans have undergone drastic changes to be in the present situation. Out of all the changes, the existence of the web world is a great feat of accomplishment by humankind.

This article is the set up for a 7-chapter study about digital marketing. But, before proceeding, we must understand the force behind the web world, the Internet.

Introduction to the Internet and Web World

The Internet is an information superhighway. It is a global network of computer-based networks, some of which include the World Wide Web (WWW). We can access the internet via IPs and our devices from around the world. It helps the users to collect info about apps and services. Thus, it causes an increase the global world phenomenon.

Background of the Internet – Web World

The word internet is in our lives after a lot of changes. In the early days, there was a word Internetted. The word was a synonym for interwoven. Later, the Internet was a short form for internetwork. But today, the Internet is for interconnected networks. This term applies on a larger scale network and a few computers.

The early ’60s and late 50s were when the US and USSR kept engaging in the cold war. During that period, it was vital for both countries to share info within their forces in a secure manner. The computer became part of human lives in that era. But it wasn’t possible to share info from those computers. Also, the sizes of computers were much larger than the computer we know today. Thus, a person had to travel to the site of the device to get the info from the computer.

During that time, USSR was able to launch its Satellite system. This invention and launch were a trigger for the US government. They wanted to share info within their country even after a nuclear attack. As a result, the US researchers joint together to invent the early form of the Internet known as ARPANET. This network was reachable by the officials and departments in the defence department.

After the birth of the TCP/IP protocol, 1983 saw the official invention of the modern Internet form. This form of the internet kept improving with each passing day.

Impact of the web world and Internet on Business

Before the invention of the Internet, our business had a different working style. We depended on the local ads to grow our sales and customers. Sources like media and banners, were the best source of reaching the consumer.

But, with the invention of the Internet, we are living in a web world. This world is changing our modes of business. The web world is creating long-lasting impacts on our business modes. Several factors contribute to doing a successful business. If you’re following those methods, the Internet can impact your business in the following way.

Personalized Marketing

One of the perks of the web world is the ability of personal marketing. The Internet allows companies to form groups of people with similar interests. This interest can be for a product or a company. These communities aid businesses in developing their brand and building a positive image.

Businesses can personalize their products and services, improving customer satisfaction and boosting profits. The Internet allows companies to get data about the needs of specific people. Companies can target these people by using publishers. These publishers usually have a relation with the product and service in the ad.

Ability to Communicate

These days, the businesses can interact with customers in a better way. This ability is changing due to the web world, as it provides a lot of tools for interaction. Instant messaging and email have revolutionized business communications. As per a study, 36 per cent of female business owners use email. While 38 per cent of business owners who are male are frequent users of email. More than half of both genders use email.

Rise of Telecommuting

Now companies allow their staff to work from home, by using company devices. This process allows the companies to reduce their costs and saves energy. We can call this practice telecommuting. Based on the Suite Commute website, in 2008, 33.7 million employees telecommuted. Of course, with COVID and everything else, there was a raise in this number.


Info available on the web world can help a company track the trends about their company. This collection of info tracks the mood swings of customers. Thus, enhancing the business. Further, the info available can improve the understanding of the market.

In the early days, only students or businesses could access the info of a market. But now this info is available for everyone on the web world. This info helps the users to search for services and items as per their needs. Reviews and info about a company can help a customer decide. If the info is available at a better speed, the user increases the business at a better percentage. It also saves time that we all can use to do productive tasks.


The Internet is a bridge between the business and the consumer. Now, due to the web world, most of the businesses are reachable. Also, customers can now access goods abroad or even across states.

The communication between businesses and consumers is more transparent and open. Customers can now use forums, chat, or email to interact with other users. They can ask questions about the product or service, get support from the company. Also, through this method they can even offer suggestions.

An interaction among customer and company increases satisfaction rate. Thus, affecting the sales at the end. Easy access to info will help a company grow their profits at the end of the year.

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