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Importance of Digital Presence – (Digital Marketing 7 Chapter Study – Part 3)

digital presence

So far in this series, we discussed the web world and digital marketing business. Today, we’ll shed light on the importance of digital presence for businesses. 

Digital Presence and the Age of the Internet

Since the Internet came into our lives, we have worked differently in our businesses. This situation also applies to the promotion and basic needs of a business. As we are discussing the starting process of a digital marketing business, it is obvious that your presence on the Internet will be under your purview.

For a business in the web world, digital presence is as important as the existence of products. When a customer finds out about your company, the first step from the customer will be a google search about your company.

If your company or relevant info is unavailable on the search page, it creates a lot of doubts in the customer’s mind. Customers can divert to a different company only due to your lowest digital presence.

Digital Presence and the Modern WFH Culture

As you build your digital marketing business, you will also start hiring many employees. For those employees, your company should be as per the modern culture. Because, like the potential customers, a job-seeking employee also checks for the company’s digital presence before applying for a post in the company.

Along with the hiring procedure, your company’s digital presence is vital for post-employment procedures. Due to the COVID 19 outbreak, most companies’ work-from-home culture is spreading rapidly.

If you don’t have a strong digital presence, your employees will have to rely on third-party software to work from home effectively. Successful companies make their software and program to gather all the employees in the same virtual place. Due to this procedure, the process of cross-sharing of ideas remains effective. However, depending on third-party software, employees will fail to apply similar working SOP. Thus, leaving a negative impact on the company.

24/7 Reach for customers

Gone are the days when customers used to visit your place to solve their problems. Now, every company wants to be within reach of their customers. Multiple means of communication are available these days for the customers.

It is generally believed that companies that interact with their customers get a lot of positive feedback. This feedback helps them attract new customers. You should make your digital presence so that it makes your company reachable to customers. Give them more than a couple of ways to reach your company.

We should note that all those methods should provide them with a response. If the customer doesn’t get a response from those methods, it leaves the existence of your digital presence moot. Thus, reachable customer support is the best procedure for your business.

Brand Awareness

Branding is the most important aspect of a company. If your company isn’t popular, people won’t be aware of your work. Thus, the chances of earning profit will get lower. Therefore, all the major companies work on their brand awareness.

The most important tool of brand awareness these days is your digital presence. People will feel positive about your company if you have a larger fanbase on Facebook and Twitter. As people become aware of your company, your customer list will also increase.

Your company’s site also matters a lot in making your digital presence. Instead of keeping the site idle for weeks, try to upload fresh content every week. This way, your customers will know that the company is working in the industry. Thus, they send positive feelings on social media platforms about your website. The increase in web traffic will result in more revenue and eventually more profit.

Positive Image

Rumors are the worst cancer for a business that can exist on the web. No matter how hard you work, if a rumor about your company’s negative aspects spreads, you will face severe consequences. Sometimes these rumors have some truth behind them. While in most cases, these rumors are under the plan of rival companies.  

Reducing those rumors of the web world gets tricky if you don’t have a digital presence. But, if you exist on the web, you can spread your opinion among your fans and followers. Thus, diluting the rumors without causing any mess.

Cross-platform Existence

Business owners need to realize that they can’t depend on a single web platform to get success. There are numerous social media platforms along with chat portals. These platforms have millions of users. So, it is vital to connect with as much audience as possible. The best way to connect with the audience is by promoting your content and company on multiple social media sites. In this way, your digital presence will improve. Thus, creating a positive impact in the eyes of your customers.

Digital Presence and Relationship with other brands

As you step into a business, you must note that there should be some friends. I do understand that you don’t start a business to make friends. Also, like the others, the primary focus should be money. But if you have all the companies ganging up against your business, it won’t be possible to be successful.

The easiest way to improve your relationship with other brands is by using your digital presence. Successful companies always contact the biggest brands on social media for partnership. You can use your digital presence to connect with successful brands on the web world.

I hope this study will help you understand the importance of your digital presence. We’ll have a look at our next chapter soon.  

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