Basic Writing Rules – A Quick Guide For Writing Career

Somewhere in our lives, we all love to write. But we can’t decide if we are following the basic writing rules or need to recheck our skills. At the beginning of our careers, we all have heard to focus on writing instead of worrying too much about the rules. This process is correct in the beginning. But later on during our career, writing rules do matter when it comes to setting up our profile. 

Writing Rules

Writing Rules

Today, I will not present some grammatical or formatting guidelines here on my blog. Those points are taught in the college days. But, I’ll be discussing some unwritten rules of writing that can change the feel of your content. 

Keep Writing

It is a bit of an old-school rule that we have heard since childhood, but it works. Set this up as a real-life rule for you. It would be best if you didn’t go to bed unless you had written a couple of pages. Don’t put yourself under extra pressure while setting up this rule. Instead, start writing with 200 words in the beginning. This process is vital as it takes patience to sit on a chair for writing content. 

When you follow this procedure, your creative juices will begin to flow, and you will get new ideas about writing. 

Writing Topics

The biggest concern for a new writer is selecting a topic to write in the early days. Writers do tend to get frustrated when they think about a topic. This point has a strong connection with the initial point. If you aren’t sitting down at a table to write, you won’t get the feeling you need to come up with new topics.  Preparing yourself to write gets you in a zone. This mental zone will help you think about what you can write regularly. Without repeating this process, you can’t get ideas about writing

Writing Timetable

It would help if you had a timetable for writing. It is one of the most important writing rules that you will find. A human mind is a complex machine and has its working process. It follows a specific timetable. Your creativity will be at the top during a particular time of the day. If you can figure out that time of day, you can polish your writing skills. But, this process won’t be easy for a new writer. Therefore, it also took a lot of time for me to figure out the perfect writing time. 

Also, this time can vary depending upon your emotional condition, work environment, and routine. No matter how much time you take, setting up a timetable for writing is vital. 

Start Reading

There is an unwritten writing rule that you can’t be a good writer unless you are a good reader. No matter which language you follow, every writer will be a good reader. You can’t follow writing rules unless you read other writers following those rules. But, before you start reading, set up some ground rules for you. You don’t need to grab a dozen random books and start reading. But a few books relevant to your field, choice of writing, from recognized authors will be more than enough to train you. Also, these books will help you determine the different writing styles. 

Learn to say No

No is an essential word in the life of a professional writer. If you are charging people to provide them with written content, they expect the best results from you. Every client has its rules, regulations, and needs. You will need to fulfill those needs in every situation to satisfy the client. 

But, sometimes, a client’s needs are out of our league or complicated enough to suggest that you pass this contract. However, new writers make the mistake of accepting every chance in the market. Thus, they get stuck while writing and hurt their reputation in the web world. So, it is better to say NO in advance than mess up your profile. 


In the end, I can summarize the discussion by saying that all these rules can’t be followed if you don’t make them part of your life. Unless you aren’t serious with your profession, you can’t apply these rules to yourself.  All the rules that I have mentioned above should be part of your life. Thus, you can follow them unintentionally and be a good writer.

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